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Remote Teaching Resources: Delivering Course Content

A guide to resources for providing online legal education in an emergency situation.

Online Pedagogy: Law School

Charlie Perkins, Canceling a Snow Day, CALIcon19 (June 9, 2019)
Panel, The Problem of Engaging Students at a Distance, CALIcon18 (June 26, 2018)
Mike Gregory & John Mayer, Distance Learning in Non-Distance Learning Courses, CALIcon18 (June 27, 2018)

Online Pedagogy: General

cartoon of instructor in front of a classroom with only laptops, includes article titleDarby Flower, How to Be a Better Online Teacher (Advice Guide), Chron. of Higher Educ.

Includes 10 essential principles and practices of better online teaching (with discussion):

  1. Show up to class.
  2. Be yourself.
  3. Put yourself in their shoes.
  4. Organize course content intuitively.
  5. Add visual appeal. (Note: All visuals should be accessible to all students.)
  6. Explain your expectations.
  7. Scaffold learning activities.
  8. Provide examples.
  9. Make class an inviting, pleasant place to be.
  10. Commit to continuous improvement.

23-page PDF if free to download if you register for Faculty Focus e-newsletter. Includes:
  • 7 Strategies to Promote Community in Online Courses
  • Tips from the Pros: Retrieval Practice in Online Teaching
  • Convey Your Online Teaching Persona
  • Designing Effective Team Projects in Online Courses
  • Ten Online Teaching Tips You May Not Have Heard
  • What We Can Learn From Unsuccessful Online Students
  • What Do Students Really Want From Online Instructors?
  • The Art and Science of Successful Online Discussions
  • Using Bridge Questions to Teach Technical Content Online
  • A Mini Guide for Fixing Anything That Can Go Wrong in the Online Classroom