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Leaning Into Uncertainty: Ensuring Quality Legal Education During Coronavirus: Roundtable 6: Maintaining Strategic Priorities and Institutional Health Through Crisis

A supplemental page for the Leaning into Uncertainty Conference.

Discussion Prompts for Roundtable 6

1. At some point, all schools need to emerge from “emergency mode” and start thinking about what they will and hope to look like after the pandemic subsides. But faculties and key staff members are very busy, and different schools have varying degrees of engagement with faculty over the summer. How and when should law school leadership start discussing the vision of what the school should be after COVID-19?

2. COVID-19 creates both limits and opportunities for pursuing existing priorities and goals that many of us     share, such as diversity and equity. What priorities does COVID-19 impact, either positively or negatively—and how?

3. We all want to be prepared for any eventuality that will arise as a result of COVID-19, but these are times of tremendous uncertainty and complexity. While we have identified many of these issues (many addressed in other sessions of this conference), what are some of the important but less foreseeable issues that law schools are or will be facing during the coming academic year or two?


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