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Legislative History of Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: Bills

Guide collecting the important legislative history documents regarding the tax reform effort of 2017.

Conference H.R. 1 (2017)

Senate Amendment 1618 to H.R. 1 (2017).

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, Senate Finance Chairman's Mark (2017).

H.R. 1 (2017)

H. Con. Res. 71

Tax Reform Act of 2014, H.R. 1 (2014).

Tax reform proposal introduced by Representative Dave Camp (R-MI).  A draft was made available on February 26, 2014 and formal legislation, H.R. 1, was submitted on December 10, 2014.  Commentators believe members of the Big 6 and others have used elements of the Camp proposal for the 2017 tax reform effort.