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A Legislative History of the "Repeal and Replacement" of Obamacare: Bills

Table of Contents

White House.  HABS Collection, Library of Congress

115th Congress: Senate

The PPACA repeal phase began on January 3, 2017 with the publication of a draft concurrent resolution by the Senate Budget Committee.

115th Congress: House

The House Ways & Means Committee divided its provisions of the American Health Care Act into five separate parts: budget reconciliation legislative recommendations relating to remuneration from certain insurers; repeal of tanning tax; repeal of certain consumer taxes;  repeal of net investment income tax; and repeal and replace of health-related tax policy.

The House Committee on Energy and Commerce introduced four draft bills for consideration by a committee hearing.  The legislation appeared intended to stabilize insurance markets during the repeal and replace effort.

114th Congress: Senate

114th Congress: House

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