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New Jersey Administrative Law: NJ Administrative Register

Guide to administrative law research for New Jersey

New Jersey Register

The New Jersey Register (NJR) provides public notice of the activities of the state’s executive branch and occasionally those of the state’s other governmental branches as well.

The NJR is published twice monthly.  A publication schedule with deadlines is available through the  Office of Administrative Law. The NJR publishes the following types of information:

  • Final rules from New Jersey state agencies
  • Proposed rules from New Jersey state agencies
  • State agency notices
  • Executive Orders and reorganization plans issued by the governor

The NJR is available in both print and electronic form.  Regrettably, the LRC does not subscribe to the print version. 

The state has a free electronic version of the NJR available online through Lexis.   This provides access to NJR issues from 1996 to the present.   Unfortunately, the public version is not browsable by issue, meaning only keyword searching is available.  The N.J. State Library provides access to NJR issues from the first back in 1969 to 1995. These issues are browsable by date but keyword searching does not appear available.

The NJR is also available in several subscription legal information databases, but access to recent issues is more problematic.   Lexis Advance has a full, updated run of the NJR.  Westlaw has a “New Jersey Administrative Register – Historical” database, which does not have NJR issues for the last two years.   More recent proposed and adopted rules are found in its “New Jersey Proposed & Adopted Regulations” database.  Bloomberg Law has a database of state  proposed and final rules.  While it does not contain the NJR issue format does have citations to NJR.