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Public Records: Personal Information

Guide to finding publicly available records, including business records, personal information, and criminal backgrounds.

General Information

A great place to start searching for public records for an individual person is Search Systems.  This serves as a portal providing links to electronic public records searches.  You can search by location or by type of record.  It provides a succint description of which records are publicly available, as well as how and where to obtain copies.   

BRB also provides a portal to accessing public records. 

You should also check out social media sites like Facebook, Google+ and Linked In to see if the person you are looking for has a public profile.

Vital Records

Vital records include birth, death and marriage information.  The actual information publicly available depends on the particular state and the specific type of information needed. 

Each state has its own department of vital records.  Click here for a compilation of individual state vital records departments.

Professional Licenses

Professional licenses (such as medical or law licenses) are usually issued by individual states.  Although there are some nationally recognized accrediting bodies that provide information, you should always check indidvidual state licensing agencies.  Below are just a few resources to verify professional licensing status.

Locating Experts

Here are just a few resources to help you locate an expert for litigation purposes: