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International Intellectual Property Research: Trademark

Key resources for the study of international intellectual property law.

WIPO Trademark News

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Now more than ever, trademark is an international issue. More and more brands compete globally. Even local businesses have world-wide reach. As a result, there is more potential to conflict between marks of different countries that would have otherwise coexisted in blissful ignorance of each other. Searching for marks worldwide was become more important, even essential to business success.

Trademark Treaties

Trademark documents and explanatory materials from WIPO.  WIPO administers the Madrid System, which allows persons and entities to register their marks so that they can be protected in multiple countries.

International Trademark Organizations and Offices

A sampling of trademark offices with organizations and different countries.

International Patent Databases

A sampling of international databases set up for trademark searching.

International Trademark Classifications

It is a lot easier to search databases nowadays thanks to online translators.  Still, these helpful programs are not perfect.  Classification systems organize marks by what they are not what they are called.  So we can use these to search for marks in different countries even if we do not understand the local language.

Secondary Sources

Global competition and trade requires a local knowledge of how countries might deal with different marks and mark disputes.  Fortunately, there are several secondary sources which give you an international "lay of the land."