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Pennsylvania Statutory Research: Westlaw

This guide reviews the history and current status of the Pennsylvania statutory codification project, and lists electronic and print options for Pennsylvania statutory research.


Researchers can search for Pennsylvania statutory law using WestlawNext's Pennsylvania Statutes Annotated (PA-ST) database. The database allows researchers to search the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes and the Pennsylvania Statutes simultaneously. As an annotated code, it provides researchers with summaries of cases that interpret statutes. It also includes references to practice guides, law review articles, and other relevant secondary resources.

WestlawNext's Pennsylvania Statutes Annotated database includes an index. It also allows the database to be searched by terms and connectors searches, natural language searches, and browsing the Pennsylvania statutory codes' tables of contents.




  • Includes annotations to relevant cases and other secondary resources
  • Publishes the Pennsylvania Statutes and Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes in intermingled format
  • Provides these search options:
    • terms and connectors searches
    • natural language searches
    • browsing the tables of contents
    • index searching