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Business Law Legal Research: Secondary Sources

This guide will help you locate resources for basic business law-related legal research.

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You may want to check out the guide below for more information on using secondary sources and legal resources in general.

Legal Encyclopedias

A legal encyclopedia is a great place to start your business law legal research (or indeed, any type of legal research).  These are useful resources when you are unfamiliar with a topic or want a general overview of a specific area of the law. 

Legal Treatises, Practitioner Guides, and Formbooks

Legal treatises provide in-depth treatment of a particular subject area.  They are written by experts in the particular field and are generally practitioner-oriented.  In print, they usually span more than one volume and include comprehensive table of contents and a detailed index.  The basic format of most treatises include a narrative text with references to primary and other sceondary authority.

Practitioner Guides are geared toward assisting a practicing attorney with a wide range of legal transactions.  They are usually focused on one area of the law and often provide detailed checklists and forms, as well as reference to primary authority and other secondary resources.

Form Books provide sample forms, as well as practitioner-oriented explanatory text, which can be invaluable to a practitioner.  References to primary authority and other secondary resources are also usually included.  Forms books can focus on a specific area of the law or they can provide general legal guidance.

Below are some of the legal treatises, practitioner guides, and form books available through the LRC.  You may also wish to explore the 'Practical Law' section on Westlaw, the 'Practical Guidance' section of Lexis, or the 'Practice Centers and Tools' on Bloomberg Law, each of which gathers materials for transactional and business lawyers. To locate a resource in a particular subject area, please search our catalog or contact a reference librarian.

Basic Business Print Resources