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Company & Industry Information: SEC/Financial Information

This guide will help you compile a company or industry profile, including locating SEC financial materials and demographic information.

Guide Contents

Getting started...

Many companies are required to publicly disclose certain financial information.  The best place to look for this information is from the Securities & Exchange Commission.  The SEC website provides FREE access to company financial reports going back to the mid-1990s with the EDGAR database

You can also find financial information from commercial databases such as LexisNexis AcademicMergent Online, and CCH Intelliconnect.

In the drop-down menu under this tab, you will find more information, including:

See below for more general information on the SEC.

Secutities & Exchange Commission

What is the SEC?

The SEC is the federal government agency that oversees the enforcement and administration of federal securities laws.

The SEC has 4 divisions:

  1. Corporation Finance
    • Examines registration documents filed with SEC
    • Drafts most of the SEC rules and disclosure forms and guides
  2. Division of Trading and Markets
    • Oversees the operation of markets and broker-dealer registration
  3. Division of Investment Management
    • Oversees investment company and investment advisor registration
  4. Division of Enforcement
    • Conducts investigations and can intiate adminstrative procedures or court actions
    • Includes the Office of General Counsel and Office of Chief Accountant