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Company & Industry Information: Company Information

This guide will help you compile a company or industry profile, including locating SEC financial materials and demographic information.

Guide Contents

What is a Company Profile?

Company profiles can include a wide range of information, such as company overview, products and services, financial info, legal issues, sales and marketing, and news.  What's specifically in a company profile depends on what your purpose is in creating one. 

You can use company profiles and the information contained within them for a variety of purposes.  Some of the main pruposes include marketing, competitive intelligence, social awareness, and entrepreneurship.

Public vs. Private

When compiling information on a company, keep in mind that you will likely find much more information on publicly traded companies as opposed to private or closely-help companies. 

Public companies have many shareholders and managers.  They must maintain strict corporate formalilities and adhere to periodic reporting requirements, especially those dealing with securities.

Private or closely-held companies generally have few owners who are very active in the operations of the company.  We generally think of small "mom and pop shops" as private companies, but they can also include large organizations, such as SC Johnson & Sons.

Finding Company Information

You can locate company information from numerous different places, including the following:

  • Company websites
  • Trade asociation websites & reports
  • Government websites & reports
  • Commercial Databases: