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Searching the Catalog: Advanced Search

A guide to searching the Legal Research Center catalog, analyzing your results, and searching for specific types of resources.


Advanced Search

For more search options, choose the Search the Catalog link under Resources on the LRC main page.  This will let you choose what type of search to use:


As well as what location you would like to search:


Types of Searches

  • Keyword – searches entire record, including title, author, subjects, and notes
  • Title – searches the title of all items
  • Author – searches for author (last name, first name)
  • Subject – search by Library of Congress Subject Headings
  • Journal Title – searches the titles of both print and electronic journals
  • ISBN/ISSN – International Standard Bibliographic Number (ISBN) is used to identify books, and differentiate versions of a book (editions, publishers, etc.)  You will see ISBN information on Amazon and a number of other sites. International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) is a similar identifier used for journals, magazines, and other periodicals.