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Finding Your Zone: Mental Health Resources : Soundscapes for Study & Concentration

This guide aims to help you find your own brand of relaxation and mindfulness. It also includes links to trusted authorities that provide information about mental health and mental health initiatives. Compiled for students, faculty, and staff.

⚠️THIS GUIDE IS A WORK IN PROGRESS⚠️ Check back often.

Photo of wireless earbuds on an open book  Have you ever used ambient sound art, usually referred to as ambience videos  or soundscapes? If not, we invite you to check out this _sensory_experience. The genre  belongs to the same family as ASMR, but has no spoken narration. These videos can be a great way to fuel  _your imagination, or to get work done when you don't feel like listening to music. They can be more engaging than traditional audio recordings _(i.e. white noise, birdcalls). 

 © Iginio Biagio Nanni. Used freely via the licensing terms on Unsplash