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Finding Your Zone: Mental Health Resources : Quality News & Information

This guide aims to help you find your own brand of relaxation and mindfulness. It also includes links to trusted authorities that provide information about mental health and mental health initiatives. Compiled for students, faculty, and staff.

⚠️THIS GUIDE IS A WORK IN PROGRESS⚠️ Check back often.

COVID-19 Be Well Starter Kit

Take advantage of this comprehensive resource compiled by the Kline School of Law. Click the link (you may need to request access once you do) and explore the folders. Check back periodically for udpates. 

You will find messages from staff, as well as: 

  1. Crisis lines (for pet and human issues) and other important contacts: at Drexel, and at the city and state levels
    • Including the Coronavirus Health Care Hotline, a list of low-cost veterinary hospitals, PECO emergency numbers, and more! 
  2. ​Study guides
  3. Wellness resources
  4. Various ideas about things to do and ways to stay engaged with others
  5. Resources related to family issues 
  6. Recipes


A Message of Support

Gender-Related Concerns

Some words of advice from the Drexel Counseling Center:

Men's Issues

Although they may not discuss it openly with friends or family, men may experience a great deal of stress and confusion related to ongoing problems. Some of these life concerns are specific to men, or they may be uniquely experienced by men. Some men may believe that it is “weak” to seek out professional help, but more and more of them are utilizing counseling to work through their problems, as they realize that it can be very helpful to talk confidentially with a non-judgmental, experienced professional.

Women's Issues

Women can experience unique stressors and life experiences that can result in difficulty coping and maintaining a happy life. While they may have family and friends to speak with in an attempt to manage their concerns, women will also seek out professional help, utilizing counseling to work through their problems. As they realize that it can be very helpful to talk confidentially with a non-judgmental, experienced professional, they may find relief and increase their ability to have a satisfying and meaningful life.

Information Resources

Drexel Counseling Center Recommendations

"F.A.C.E. C.O.V.I.D." How to Respond Effectively to the Corona Crisis (Dr. Russ Harris)



Other Credible Resources