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Black Lives Matter Resource Guide: Goals

The Drexel University Thomas R. Kline School of Law Legal Research Center is putting together action steps and resources for any and all to connect with their communities and protect and assist people of color.


The BREATHE Act has just been unveiled by the Electoral Justice Project for the Movement for Black Lives, outlining a bill with comprehensive plans to defund, divest, and demilitarize brutal policing practices, decarcerate our prison industrial complex, hold officials accountable, and reinvest in black communities.

The BREATHE Act has four major sections for enacting policy reform:

1) Divesting Federal Resources from Incarceration and Policing & Ending Criminal-Legal System Harms

  • getting rid of harmful and expansive programs
  • Department of Defense budget reduction
  • decriminalizing drug charges
  • sentencing overhaul
  • ICE reform
  • getting rid of biased surveillance tactics
  • Much much more...

2) Investing in New Approaches to Community Safety Utilizing Funding Incentives

  • public safety from community, not police
  • erasing court debt
  • removing cops and excessive security measures from schools
  • remove police from politics
  • disentangle police from ICE and CBP
  • repealing juvenile offenses
  • Much much more...

3) Allocating New Money to Build Healthy, Sustainable & Equitable Communities for All People

  • rehab-focused community care replacing juvenile detention facilities
  • funding equity for schools
  • full and free access to education for all peoples
  • increased funding to public schools
  • shift to clean and renewable resources at community level
  • access to healthy food and clean water
  • job programs catered to black and brown communities
  • UBI pilot-program
  • Much much more...

4) Holding Officials Accountable & Enhancing Self-Determination of Black Communities

  • pass H.R. 40 (reparations for African-Americans)
  • reparation commissions for mass criminalization of BIPOC
  • fair and secure voting practices
  • much much more...


For a more detailed account of the bill, the Movement for Black Lives has put together a downloadable PDF here.


Major Goals

  • Engaging with black communities to participate in upcoming elections
  • Educating constituents on their local, state, and national political candidates and the issues
  • Promoting voter registration and galvanizing young and black voters, and providing resources to them

Seeking racial justice, overcoming police brutality, defunding the police, reforming the criminal justice system, standing up for marginalized rights, human rights, standing against economic injustice, and reinvigorating communities are among the priorities.

Defund, Reallocate, Invest