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Philadelphia Municipal Law Research: Philadelphia Consolidated Regulations

This guide reviews Philadelphia Home Rule Charter, the Philadelphia Code of Ordinances, and the Philadelphia Consolidated Regulations. The guide also provides guidance on how to access each of these resources.


In addition to Philadelphia's Home Rule Charter and the Philadelphia Code, the City of Philadelphia also publishes a set of regulations. The Philadelphia Consolidated Regulations includes all of the regulations promulgated by the various Departments, Boards, and Commissions of the City of Philadelphia. The regulations are arranged by the issuing agency:

  • Title 1: Commerce Department
  • Title 2: Finance Department
  • Title 3: Licenses and Inspections
  • Title 4: Miscellaneous
  • Title 5: Pension and Retirement Board
  • Title 6: Personnel Department
  • Title 7: Police Department
  • Title 8: Procurement Department
  • Title 9: Public Health Department
  • Title 10: Public Property Department
  • Title 11: Records Department
  • Title 12: Revenue Department
  • Title 13: Streets Department
  • Title 14: Water Department

The Philadelphia Consolidated Regulations is published in a four volume print set. It includes an index. There is currently not an electronic version of the Philadelphia Consolidated Regulations.

Philadelphia Consolidated Regulations - Print Version

The Philadelphia Consolidated Regulations are published in a four volume print set:

Philadelphia Consolidated Regulations - Electronic Version

There is no electronic version of the Philadelphia Consolidated Regulations.