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Mobile Legal Research and Learning: Home

A guide to the best apps, sites, and tools for doing legal research on your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone.

Guide Contents

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This guide is a compilation of apps for various mobile devices intended to be useful to law students and lawyers. If you have a suggestion for an app that should be included in the guide, please use the suggestion box in the right hand column. However, I reserve the right to decide if an app is appropriate for the guide.

Please note that inclusion of a paid app on this guide does not constitute a product endorsement. I have not tested the apps on the guide and am providing the list only as a reference.

Remember that while mobile apps are very helpful for doing legal research, they should not be used as replacements for official sources of law. Make sure you check and cite to the official sources.

Mobile Device Survey

What type of mobile device do you use?

Mobile Device Survey
Android: 6 votes (37.5%)
Blackberry: 0 votes (0%)
iPhone/iPod Touch: 7 votes (43.75%)
iPad: 2 votes (12.5%)
Windows Phone: 1 votes (6.25%)
Total Votes: 16

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